Just stop and look around

Yesterday after a week of hard work I was stood outside my hotel and it dawned on me, I was in Ankara, the capital of turkey, I place people save up and travel to and I had forgotten. I didn’t forget where I was but when its work it quickly becomes another airport or hotel room and my mind is always is always on getting to the cinema, getting the work done and then getting home, I sometimes forget the places I have been to.

I didn’t do much traveling during my younger adult life, you find most people do after school or uni, well I’m making up for it now, a little too much I have to say, in the past 3 weeks I have spent very little time at home, on up side of this is a tool my girl friend to Paris last weekend and I just had to cover the flights, my work covered the hotel room, but then I was off again and the next 2 weeks look just as busy, I think it’s not normal as the week in France I had I volunteered for but I did gain a huge amount of sound knowledge and a friend became a good friend.

So I’m home today but off to scotland tomorrow, I’m then back home for the weekend before Warsaw, Sofia, Krakow and then Katowice. Again it’s great to get to go to all of these destinations but I would like a little time at home, that should be 3 weeks from now where I get a down week, let’s hope so.


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