On the road

I find myself around 7 months in to my new job, and it’s been a mix over the past months, some weeks it’s never ending, I land late Friday night and I’m out the door early Monday morning. Saying that the past month or two have not been like that, they have been ok with some general work but also some downtime. I think both myself and my lovely girl friend have managed to get used to the change in our lives, I know I make a big effort with such a massive change in the way you live your life and being away from home more it’s important.

To be honest I think we are both cool with the time I spend away, I don’t tend to miss any big events or plans, I do miss out on the odd “we are going to the pub tonight” when I’m away but the up side to this is the money, it’s more than we need to live and now it’s coming in I find myself buying things that make our lives better, well more comfortable.

The one thing I don’t like, and don’t think I will ever get used to is how quickly my day can change. Today I gave my girlfriend a kiss as she went off to work and our plan was to meet tonight and go to a gig, with in 2 hours I had flights booked for two European city’s and won’t be home for 3 days. I reminded myself this is why I get a good wage, and this is what makes both of our lives a little better. Saying this there is a little part that has to enjoy it, when you think there is a problem in any one of the hundreds of cities across Europe I get a call, with in 20mins of me getting that call I will have tickets on the 1st available flight, parts being shipped to meet me there, I land and get the problem fixed. It’s kind of a nice feeling to have, but I have to say the stress can be heavy during the time of getting there as soon as possible, I don’t find my self stressed when there and have to work some magic to get the problem fixed oddly enough, only in travel, I bet that’s got something to do with being in control, years from now I’m sure I will have a therapist, I’ll asked then.

But saying that I have, so far had some amazing times, now I have started to become more comfortable doing my job things have become easier, but also meeting new people I have started to find new friends, from Ankara to Krakow I now have people who I do see as friends 1st, then people who I work with and that’s a nice feeling. And with making friends comes going out for food and/or drinks (I’ll be honest it tends to be drinking) but as they are local it tends to be places off the main track so you get a real taste of what life is like in what ever country I find myself in.

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