Lowpro Hatchback 22L review

I have a few camera bags and I do tend to buy crumpler bags due to the cost of the things I’m putting inside to keep safe, I made my way to the crumpler Manchester store to buy a camera bag for my upcoming 3 weeks of backpacking around Asia only to find they had closed that store.

As I was planning to leave in a few days I made my way to Jessops to have a look at what they had on offer, after trying a few bags out a decided on the Lowpro Hatchback 22L AW.

I wanted something I could pack my camera, a few lenses and room for use as a normal back pack.

To say I’m impressed with this bag is an understatement, it is amazing.


The compartment for the camera is on the lower rear side, so when you have you bag on your back the compartment would be against your back. I was worried from the photos you see online I would not have enough room but there is enough, I have;

•Canon 550D with battery grip
•Canon 18-55mm f3.5 stock lens
•Super-Takumar 50mm f1.4
•Jupiter 9 85mm f2
•Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 with hood
•Battery charger

Everything fits snug and there is no worrying tight fits where something could break while travelling about. The compartment is easy to get to and easy to get your camera in and out. The padded compartment can also be removed and there is a pull string cover that will act as a seprate carry bag if needed.

As a Backpack;

As a normal bag there is plenty of room for a jumper or light coat, it has some web pockets for phones, headphones, wallet, money or anything else you may want to carry. There is also a zip pocket for more valuable items. This compartment is separated from the camera compartment by a velcro divide that can be pushed down if you want to use the full length of the bag. The bag also front pocket with 2 sections both running the length of the bag, you would be able to get a small notebook or ipad in there, or like myself travel documents, medication ect. There are 2 stretch pockets on either side that are perfect for bottled water.

Once you have it on your back with your camera equipment and all the extras you tend to carry when travelling it is extremely comfortable, I was very shocked on how comfortable it is, the padding in the rear and straps offer great support and the adjustable straps made it vert easy to make small adjustment.

I have been tracking round Asia for a few weeks, at no point has this bad been uncomfortable, at no point I have I been struggling for room for my camera or anything else I need a backpack for and with the rear compartment for my camera I never worried about someone reaching and and stealing it.

And to boot it has a very good rain cover that offers all round protection.


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