Vista: hard work doing the right thing.

I have been and still are a windows user, I can see the attraction to the mac but I have yet to take the leap in to the mac world as of yet, I know windows and dot yet see the need to move OS’s.

I am running Vista on both my desktop and laptop, I can see why people have problems with it but I think when you know what you are doing you can get rid of the thing you don’t want or need and make it a more reliable and faster system. My laptop have vista pre installed but my desktop I decided to buy, I’ll be honest I got a OEM addition as I build my own computers and at the time there was a large price difference between the 2, last week I got a windows message after boot saying my version of vista needs to be authenticated, I have had this before so didn’t really make me worry, why I would get this is the first place as I use windows update and the desktop is always connected to the internet I don’t know but I did.

After going through the ways windows wanted me to connect to get this done it turned out that non would work, not a problems as I bought a really copy of vista so why would there be a problem in getting this fixed? Well after spending what felt like 5 hours trying to get through to a real person I did and they could not help. It had got to a point where I the work I would have to put in to get my system back up and running was going to take more time than I was going to put in.

Without going to the too much detail why is it easier to download, install and run and a version of windows latest OS without any problems than it is to buy, install and run a windows vista? Its almost like the things put in place to make sure you have a really OS are the things that make people get a questionable version.


I want to pay, I don’t want to pay over the odds, if Apple can make an OS for around £50 why cant windows? Lets hope windows 7 will be something different.


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